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De platenkeuze van Rob Ricard – De Staat – Sleep tight

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De Staat met Sleep tight in de rubriek De Platenkeuze van Rob Ricard in in "DonderSlag" op 14 januari 2010 op Radio 501

De Staat is een Nederlandse rockband uit Nijmegen. De band speelt sinds september 2007 in zijn huidige bezetting en is geformeerd rondom zanger en liedjesschrijver Torre Florim. De band dankt zijn naam aan een gelijknamige compositie uit de jaren zeventig van Louis Andriessen.

In 2007 verscheen de eerste demo van de band met nummers die in het woonhuis van de leadzanger in de Nijmeegse wijk Wolfskuil zijn opgenomen. In 2008 tekenden ze bij Excelsior Recordings en in 2009 is het eerste album verschenen. De band is bij het opnemen van hun eerste album geholpen door meerdere artiesten, waaronder The Bloody Honkies en Fuck The Writer.

De Staat heeft de Vlaamse band dEUS vergezeld op hun tour door Engeland en ook speelden ze op Pinkpop 2009. In datzelfde jaar speelden ze op Lowlands en op het Sziget-festival in Hongarije. Van het concert op Lowlands is in 2009 een DVD Live@Lowlands 2009 uitgebracht, waarop ook de gastbijdragen van Bram Hakkens (Kyteman’s Hiphop Orkest) en Bas Bron staan.

In 2010 zal de band onder andere optreden op het Glastonbury Festival.

Wait For Evolution first came into being as a solo project by singer/guitarist/producer Torre Florim.  The album
was recorded with the help of musicians (and friends)the album was recorded. After some minor crew changes De Staat arrived at its current setting: razor sharp Jop van Summeren (bass, vocals); ever controlled Vedran xe2x80x98The Wizardxe2x80x99 Mircetic (guitar, effects); stage animal Rocco Hueting (cow bells (!), tambourine, vocals); rock hard drummer Tim xe2x80x98The Executionerxe2x80x99 van Delft and charismatic front man Torre Florim. This powerful coalition of five together show their love for the old roots, but theyxe2x80x99re not afraid to reinvent these roots and create something new and fresh out of it. Get Ready to Shake Some Serious Booty!
In the winter of 2008 De Staat raged through The Netherlands like a pack of hungry wolves: play lots of gigs to gain experience, thatxe2x80x99s the motto. Being part of the xe2x80x98Poprondexe2x80x99, they went to as many different cities and far corners of civilization as possible. Apart from that, De Staat has been support to among other Voicst, Fu Manchu, Triggerfinger and Pigeon Detectives which brought them to the larger concert halls .

As yet (!) the highlight in the bandxe2x80x99s career: De Staat accompanied dEUS on a tour through Great Brittain. In the beginning reviewers were liable to use a xe2x80x98stonerxe2x80x99 lable to describe De Staat. An explanation for this might lie in the at times dragging, repetitive grooves that from time to time feature in the music. The typically QOTSA/Kyuss-like guitar licks make for another marker. But thatxe2x80x99s it. De Staat wraps everything in a more light hearted cover, and leaves room for an occasional wink. But do not be mistaken, De Staat is dead serious. Their album xe2x80x98Wait For Evolutionxe2x80x99 had been ready for release for a long time before the actual CD presentation, which was postponed because an at that time still mysterious record label had shown its interest in  the band. In mid- July the time had finally come: De Staat signed to the famous Dutch Excelsior-label, ever seen as a hallmark of (Dutch) performers. De Staat seems right at home with bands such as Alamo Race Track, zZz, and the Flemish Triggerfinger. xe2x80x9cWait for Evolutionxe2x80x9d was released in early 2009 in the Benelux.

The Dutch band name was inspired by a classical piece by Louis Andriessen, without any deeper meaning hidden in the name. And that kind of fits their style: less talking, more rocking. xe2x80x98Even if they call us xe2x80x9cthe motherfuckersxe2x80x9d, I donxe2x80x99t mind,xe2x80x99 Torre mentioned in an interview.

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