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Ga stemmen! – In #DonderSlag 4 nov 2010 op #radio501 is Tenpole Tudor de keuzeplaat (pollplaat)

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Tenpole tudor
Er staat op mijn weblog een nieuwe pollplaat klaar. Deze hele week kun je stemmen op een plaat van Tenpole Tudor.
De Hit Single versie  van Wunderbar is ooit gebruikt bij Villa BV, door Barend en Van Dorp tijdens het Europese voetbal.

Om te stemmen: Klik op het rondje vxc3xb3xc3xb3r jouw favoriete track van Tenpole Tudor.
De plaat met de meeste stemmen draai ik op 4 november a.s. in Donderslag vlak voor bier uur.



Tenpole tudor-wunderbar Tenpole Tudor was een britse punkband die in 1974 werd opgericht. Pas in 1979 bestormden ze de Engelse hitlijsten met de single Who Killed Bambi..In 1981 vescheen het debuutalbum Eddie, Old Bob, Dick and Gary, waarvan de single Wunderbar niet alleen in Engeland een hit werd maar ook in Nederland.

Hoewel ik al jaren niets meer van ze heb vernomen blijken ze nog steeds te bestaan en treden regelmatig op in kleine clubs.

einz zwei drei zwa!

There is unemployment misery despair
Really want to leave my trouble going to a band
Love is getting rough o yes i know
Excuse me but I've got to go

There is a man in germany he can send a tool

wunderbar wunderbar wunderbar wunderbar 2x



About Tenpole Tudor:

Tenpole Tudor were one the strangest and silliest groups on Stiff Records, a label that was known for its oddball clients. Led by Eddie Tudor (born Edward Tudorpole), a former actor who could barely carry a tune, the group played a mixture of punk, roots rock, pop, and British dancehall music, developing a thoroughly entertaining and ridiculous style. Tudor formed the band in 1974 with guitarist Bob Kingston, bassist Dick Crippen, and drummer Gary Long. Before recording the band's first album, Tudor appeared in the Sex Pistols' movie The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle, singing "Who Killed Bambi." After releasing a single on Korova Records, the group joined the Stiff roster, releasing "Three Bells in a Row."

Tenpole Tudor released their debut album, Eddie, Old Bob, Dick and Gary, in 1981; it sold well, launching two minor singles in addition to "Three Bells in a Row": "Wunderbar" and "Swords of a Thousand Men." That same year, the group released its second album, Let the Four Winds Blow, which also performed well. The following year, Eddie Tudor broke up Tenpole Tudor; while he led a Cajun-inspired version of Tenpole Tudor, the rest of the band became the Tudors. After the new incarnation of Tenpole Tudor failed, Tudor left Stiff Records and began performing in jazz and swing bands, as well as returning to acting. New versions of Tenpole Tudor were assembled throughout the subsequent years, although Tudor chiefly focused on acting until 2009, when he released the band's third album. Made It This Far was followed by a national tour, which the frontman deemed "an electronic one-man stadium show."



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