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#Kerst programma overzicht van #Radio501 – Van Diesfeldt met #Kerstshow

Vrijdag 24 december 2010

20.00 xe2x80″ 23.00u xe2x80″ Arwin & Tobith show  vanuit Studio 1


Zaterdag 25 december 2010 – Eerste Kerstdag

12.00 xe2x80″ 14.00u – Radio 501 Kerstshow – Rogier van Diesfeldt (vanuit Studio 11)

14.00 xe2x80″ 16.00u  xe2x80″ 501 Classics xe2x80″ Johnny van Hoorn

16.00 xe2x80″ 18.00u xe2x80″ Tijsmania xe2x80″ Chris Tijsmans



Zondag 26 december 2010 – Tweede Kerstdag

10.00 xe2x80″ 12.00u – Radio 501 Kerstshow – Rogier van Diesfeldt (vanuit Studio 11)

12.00 xe2x80″ 15.00u – Arwin & Tobith show  vanuit Studio 1 (herhaling van vrijdag)

15.00 xe2x80″ 16.00u xe2x80″ Kerstmuziek

16.00 xe2x80″ 18.00u xe2x80″ 501-Carrousel

#Radio501 biedt ook uitzending gemist!

Heb je een uitzending gemist? Geen nood. Radio 501 biedt je de mogelijkheid om programma's terug te luisteren en Radio 501 is daarvoor druk bezig om programma's klaar te zetten voor uitzending gemist.
Er staan al diverse uitgezonden programma's klaar en die zijn te vinden bij de volgende link: Uitzending Gemist.  <= even klikken. Zo gemakkelijk is het.

Stemmen op #pollplaat van Robert Cray voor #Donderslag 23dec op #Radio501

Robert cray - 01 Er staat weer een nieuwe pollplaat klaar op mijn weblog.
Kijk maar op de middelste kolom in het oranje kader.
Je kunt dit keer stemmen op een van de onderstaande songs van Robert Cray:


01. False Accusation
02. Bad Influence
03. Don't be afraid of the dark
04. Right next door
05. The Forecast (calls for pain)
06. Midnight stroll
07. I'm just lucky that way
08. Survivor
09. Smoking Gun
10. Phone Booth
11. Playing in the dirt
12. Porch Light


Robert Cray – Biography

by Bill Dahl  (bron: www.allmusic.com)

Robert cray - 03 Tin-eared critics have frequently damned him as a yuppie blues wannabe whose slickly soulful offerings bear scant resemblance to the real down-home item. In reality, Robert Cray is one of a precious few young (at this stage, that translates to under 50 years of age) blues artists with the talent and vision to successfully usher the idiom into the 21st century without resorting either to slavish imitation or simply playing rock while passing it off as blues.
Just as importantly, his immensely popular records helped immeasurably to jump-start the contemporary blues boom that still holds sway to this day. Blessed with a soulful voice that sometimes recalls '60s-great O.V. Wright and a concise lead guitar approach that never wastes notes, Cray's rise to international fame was indeed a heartwarming one.
For a guy whose 1980 debut album for Tomato, Who's Been Talkin', proved an instantaneous cutout, his ascendancy was amazingly swift — in 1986 his breakthrough Strong Persuader album for Mercury (containing "Smoking Gun") won him a Grammy and shot his asking price for a night's work skyward.

Robert Cray was born on August 1, 1953 in Columbus, GA. An Army brat who grew up all over the country before his folks settled in Tacoma, WA, in 1968, Cray listened intently to soul and rock before becoming immersed in the blues (in particular, the icy Telecaster of Albert Collins, who played at Cray's high school graduation!).

Robert cray - 06 Cray formed his first band with longtime bassist Richard Cousins in 1974. They soon hooked up with Collins as his backup unit before breaking out on their own. The cinematic set caught a brief glimpse of Cray (even if they weren't aware of it) when he anonymously played the bassist of the frat party band Otis Day & the Knights in National Lampoon's Animal House. Cray's Tomato set, also featuring the harp of Curtis Salgado, was an excellent beginning, but it was the guitarist's 1983 set for HighTone, Bad Influence, that really showed just how full of talent Cray was.
Another HighTone set, False Accusations, preceded the emergence of the Grammy-winning 1985 guitar summit meeting album Showdown! for Alligator, which found the relative newcomer more than holding his own alongside Collins and Texan Johnny Copeland. Strong Persuader made it two Grammys in two years and made Cray a familiar face even on video-driven MTV.

Robert cray - 04Unlike too many of his peers, Cray continued to experiment within his two presiding genres, blues and soul, on sets for Mercury such as Midnight Stroll, 1990, I Was Warned, 1992, and Shame + A Sin in 1993.
After switching to Rykodisc in the late 90s Cray released Take Your Shoes Off in 1999, and Shoulda Been Home in 2001, proving that the "bluenatics" (as he amusedly labels his purist detractors) have nothing to fear and plenty to anticipate from this innovative, laudably accessible guitarist.
Touring regularly with the likes of Eric Clapton and Bob Dylan, Cray stayed active in the studio, as well, signing with Sanctuary Records and releasing Time Will Tell in 2003, Twenty in 2005, a pair of live albums, Live from Across the Pond in 2006 and Live at the BBC in 2008, and This Time, which was issued by Vanguard Records a year later.
Cray released his third live album in four years, Cookin in Mobile, in 2010. The material that comprised the album was taken from a single performance at the Saenger Theatre in Mobile, Alabama in February of that year.

"Radio501 is weer in de lucht en #Donderslag ook! De storing is verholpen.

Het technische team heeft er weer even de handen vol aan gehad, maar het is ze gelukt weer snel in de lucht te zijn.

#Radio501 door storing onbereikbaar. Er wordt druk aan gewerkt. #Donderslag even niet te horen

_DSC5103kl_100x100-2 Er is een storing opgetreden, waardoor de website van Radio 501 niet is te bereiken.
Ook is de broadcast-stream niet te beluisteren.
Er wordt door het technische team druk gewerkt om deze storing te verhelpen.

Blijf de website www.radio501.nl en de
broadcast-stream in de gaten houden.
We hopen zo snel mogelijk weer in de lucht te zijn.

Excuses voor het ongemak.

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